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New HTC Tablet on Way, Says Prolific Leaker

HTC are said to be working on an own-branded tablet inspired by the Nexus 9, new leaks have suggested. The rumors come from the Twitter insider @upleaks, which says it has seen a list of new HTC devices for the coming year, which apparently features information about a number of phones as well as the tablet.

@upleaks have a strong track record when it comes to making tech predictions, and has revealed what is thought to be accurate information about a new HTC device called the Hima, which is thought to be a codename for the HTC One M9.

New information from @upleaks suggests that multiple versions of the Hima will be launched, including one that will run on Windows as well as the Hima Ultra, which is believed to be a new version of the One Max. HTC have been absent from the slate market for some time, but the  new slate would mark their re-emergence onto the market. The company were behind Google’s Nexus 9, and experts predict that the new tablet will feature a number of similarities with the device, which was used to launch Android’s Lollipop operating system.

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