New information leaks on Apple’s upcoming A14 chip

Apple’s upcoming A14 chip – expected to be used in its 2020 iPhones and iPads – will be the first ARM-based mobile processor to exceed 3GHz, according to a Research Snipers report.

The successor to the iPhone 11 processor, widely rumored to be unveiled this September alongside the iPhone 12 – has been shown off in a new Geekbench 4 test, with its frequency reaching 3.1GHz.

By comparison, Apple’s A13 Bionic chip has a top frequency of 2.7GHz.

What’s more, the A14’s single-core performance scored 1658 – 25% higher than the current A13 chip’s performance – whilst multi-core performance reached 4612 points, up 33%.

As Apple looks to bolster the performance of its iPhones and iPads, this gives people faith that the next-generation iPhone will be significantly more powerful than the current generation.

Whether users are flicking through apps, running several resource-intensive apps in the background, or using their iPad for complex processing, the new chips should aid in a smoother experience and make more challenging activities – like video rendering – seamless.

In a separate report, Apple’s chipmaker will ramp up the production of the new A14 chips in April, ahead of the launch of a new iPhone family in the Fall. COVID-19 could cause some delays to the production, with some rumors suggesting that the iPhone 12 could be delayed.

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