New iOS 13 Rumors Suggest Dark Mode, Multitasking, and More

Guilherme Rambo – known for sharing information on upcoming software releases by delving into beta access and analyzing Apple’s hardware – has shared new details on what we can expect in iOS 13.

Dark Mode

iOS 13 will feature a system-wide Dark Mode for the first time, enabled in the Settings menu.

The new feature will also include a high contrast version, in a similar manner to macOS.

What’s more, iPad apps that run on the Mac using Marzipan can take advantage of Dark Mode support on both operating systems for the first time.

Major iPad Changes

Apple is expected to make big changes to the iPad with iOS 13, including the ability to view multiple windows inside of an app.

These windows will be known as sheets, can be detached using a drag gesture to move around the screen, offering users more control when working on projects on their iPads.

Also new to the iPad on iOS 13 will be a new standard undo gesture, allowing users to undo and redo actions using a three finger tap and a slide left or a slide right.

Safari will also be given a makeover on iPad, asking for desktop websites rather than a mobile version.

Better Font Management

For the first time, Apple will introduce a new font management panel in the settings menu, and iOS will notify users when they open a document or application that has missing fonts.

It’s unknown whether Apple will allow users to install their own fonts as part of this change, or change the default iOS font on their iPhone and iPad.

A New Mail App

Apple will transform the Mail app with iOS 13, allowing users to organize their messages into handy categories like purchases, travel, marketing, and work.

Users will also be able to tap a ‘read later’ button and add messages to a queue for a later date, and a ton of new gestures will allow users to manage their emails more effectively.

Rambo’s report also suggests iOS will allow users to use their fingers to draw a selection, like with Finder on the Mac.

More New Changes

  • Apple is reportedly working on a new Reminders app, which will ship on macOS, too.
  • iOS 13 will include a less-intrusive volume HUD.
  • iOS 13 will include better Hey Siri recognition and rejection.
  • Expanded in-app printing controls are also expected in the new release.

Of course, none of these features are officially confirmed until Tim Cook and Co take to the stage on June 3rd, but they are the most interesting rumors to date – and coming from Rambo, an experienced and reputable source, we should take them as a sign of things to come.

No word on a redesigned home screen yet, though, which was reportedly in the works.

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