New iPhone Water Test Trends on YouTube

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A new water test for the iPhone 6 has reached YouTube. The test sees Apple’s smartphone take on its Samsung rival, the S6. The video has been viewed almost 2.8 million times at the time of writing and features both phones being dropped into a pan of boiling water. It shows the iPhone  6’s screen being clouded with black liquid after just ten seconds, with the S6 lasting for a little longer. As the phone gets hotter and hotter, a temperature warning appears on the phone’s screen.

Both phones are exposed to temperatures of 100 degrees Celsius. Though neither phone has been advertised as water-resistant, smartphone fans still see the tests as an interesting way of finding out how robust they are.

The video was uploaded by TechRax, who flip each device, enabling them to cook evenly. Both phones are in extremely poor condition by the end of the test – though the iPhone is resurrected after it is cooled off with a dash of cold water. Its return to life is short-lived however, with the device crashing not long after the loading screen appears. The S6 remains completely lifeless.

See how well the iPhone 5 held up to water here.

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