New leaks show off new Apple Music and Apple TV apps on Mac

Big changes ahead on macOS

New leaks offer insight into the new macOS 10.15 release.

Thanks to 9to5Mac‘s Guilherme Rambo, we now know what to expect ahead of the launch of macOS 10.15, which is set to be unveiled at this year’s WWDC 2019 next week.

As previously reported, Apple will dissect the bloated and outdated iTunes app and introduce new applications tailored around Music, Podcasts, TV, and more.

The screenshots show off the new user interfaces for both the Music and TV applications, which are based on iTunes rather than ported from iOS, as Apple has done with other apps like Home and Voice Memos.

The new Music app features the same For You, Browse, and Radio that features on the iOS version of Apple Music, as well as more advanced functionality for Recently Added, Genius Playlists, and more.

For the first time, Apple moves the Search menu into the sidebar of the application akin to the redesigned Mac App Store application, released in a previous macOS version.

The new Apple TV app mimics the new Apple Music app, although its search bar remains in the top right-hand corner; it’s unknown whether these screenshots are bleeding edge or they are from early beta tests.

It’s expected Apple will settle for one or the other before release.

Inside the TV app, users can switch between Watch Now, Movies, TV Shows, Library, and Kids, and flick through Recently Added, TV Shows, Downloaded, Movies and more, as well as see content based on Genre.

This is the new home for Apple TV+ on Mac – whether the company will introduce a web-based player on top, akin to Amazon and Netflix, remains to be seen, but the current TV application certainly offers the functionality needed for playback and content organization.

Whilst the current screenshots don’t give away too much, they do offer our first look into the new macOS, which is expected to be unveiled at WWDC 2019 on Monday at 10 am.

Based on recent trademark activity, Apple may call macOS 10.15 macOS Mammoth, though macOS Monterey, macOS Rincon, and macOS Skyline have also been reported by sources close to the company.

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