New MacBook Pro with Intel Coffee Lake CPU on the way?

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Apple’s professional-grade MacBook Pro could soon receive a major speed boost due to Intel’s latest Coffee Lake processor making its way to the line, judging from a recent entry on GeekBench.

Earlier this week, the GeekBench website – where performance benchmarks of both released and supposedly upcoming devices surface – was given a new entry for a “MacBookPro15,2”. This model designation suggests that the figures pertain to an updated 13-inch MacBook Pro.

The figures impress, too. Whereas the 2017 model achieves single- and multi-core scores of, respectively, 4600 and 9500, the alleged 2018 update has delivered scores of 4448 and 16607 on the same counts according to the log entry, which could still plausibly have been spoofed easily.

Nonetheless, there are reasons to have faith in its veracity. Here, the onboard RAM is specified as 16GB; Apple has previously resisted bumping up the RAM beyond this mark due to concern about the possible adverse effect on battery life.

Overall, the figures suggest that this year’s 13-inch MacBook Pro will be capable of performance similar to that of last year’s 15-inch model.

The supposed test model also runs a version of the current macOS release, High Sierra. This suggests that the new Pro could arrive before macOS Mojave’s expected release in late September – and become the first commercially available laptop to include an Intel Core i7-8559U Coffee Lake CPU.

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