New Melbourne Apple store plans called ‘Pizza Hut pagoda’

apple's melbourne store

Apple’s design proposals for a new store in Melbourne has been met with backlash and controversy. In December, Apple announced its plans to open a new flagship retail store at Melbourne’s Federation Square shopping center in 2020 and when the council met this week they were met with opposition.

Around 800 submissions were given to the city council, rejecting the design of the new store, as reported by ABC News. The space, with its museums, art galleries, and eateries, is regarded by many as a cultural hub of Melbourne. Council members, therefore, backed Greens party councilor Rohan Leppert who is calling for a redesign that allows for public input. Leppert commented that a redesign would avoid a “‘pavilion’ or ‘temple-like’ design that is out of context in Federation Square.”

However, the dislike of the design is not unanimous. Some council members are backing Apple’s plans, arguing that Apple’s store could benefit the area, if it is, as Nicholas Reece put it, “done in the right way”. He commented:

“It reminds me of a Pizza Hut pagoda and I just think it’s like something that’s rolled off an Apple Store production line.”

Apple insisted last month that the store does fit with the plaza’s current feel and “respects the original vision for the plaza, with a bespoke design concept and extensive landscaping bringing, increased opportunities for the community to enjoy this renowned cultural hub.”

What are your thoughts on the store’s design?

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