New Order Debuts New Music Video with Footage of Berlin Wall

British synthpop band New Order has debuted the official video for “Singularity”, the latest single from the acclaimed album Music Complete. And the Berlin Wall, that long-gone divider of the German capital, features prominently…

As indicated at the end of the video, which you can watch below, the footage of the wall is taken from last year’s documentary B-Movie: Lust & Sound in West-Berlin. This documentary heavily uses archive footage to tell the story of the music and art scene that flourished in West Berlin during the 1980s.

The Berlin Wall stood from 1961 until 1989, and is one of the best-known symbols of the decades-long Cold War. Interestingly, West Berlin’s artistic vibrancy in the 1980s appears to have been sparked by the recently deceased rocker David Bowie’s decision to make numerous acclaimed albums in the city.

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