New Order Talk Return to Synth Sounds for New Album

The legendary rock band New Order have just put out their first album of freshly-recorded material in ten years – and it sees them in sparkling form. The band members have also went public with further details about their decision to return to a more electronic direction for Music Complete.

Perhaps influential to some degree on this change has been the return of former keyboardist Gillian Gilbert, who has admitted to her tendency to “work on computers and keyboards more” than other instruments. Still, in a new interview with the band by The Quietus, she has insisted that “all of us made a decision to move in a more electronic direction right from the start.”

Drummer Steve Morris added that his own influence in that decision “was down to going to see bands like Factory Floor – new electronic bands using sequencers and synths in the way we used to when we started off in New Order in the early eighties.” This ultimately led him to think: “Let’s just make something that’s a bit synthy and dancey.”

We like the results – as we have already made clear in our review of Music Complete. You can also read more about the album in the current issue of AppleMagazine, which you can get by subscribing now.

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