New Photo Might Be Ruling Out Second Speaker for iPhone 7

New Photo Might Be Ruling Out Second Speaker for iPhone 7

While several previous leaks about the iPhone 7 expected next month suggest that it will feature a second speaker, a new photo suggests that it will instead have a microphone in the same place.

The photo depicts a design drawing on a page of what has referred to as “internal documents”. These documents, the site explains, are purported to detail the manufacturing process for the iPhone 7 and to have come from a plant currently manufacturing Apple’s next flagship smartphone.

Several photos of pages of these documents have reportedly “come to surface on Chinese social networks”. The page that should attract the most interest, however, hints that, while the iPhone 7 will have a second speaker grille, there will be a microphone – not a speaker – behind that grille.

Still, editor Steve Hemmerstoffer warns that, as he has put the page’s text through an “automatic translation service” that could translate the words too literally, this supposed revelation may not be accurate. Wisely, he urges his readers to “wait and see” for verification of this fresh detail.

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