New report suggests Apple Car is coming in 2024

Image Credit: Apple Addict

Apple could release its own automobile by 2024, according to a new report.

For years now, the company has been working on its own car technology, dubbed Project Titan, but the programme had been scrapped on more than one occasion.

In a new report, it appears as though Apple is once again working on a physical car and plans to begin production by 2024 on a machine that will feature “next level battery technology”.

According to Reuters, Apple Car is still in the works and features a battery design that could cut costs and increase the range of electric vehicles.

Apple is reportedly working on a vehicle battery based on the “mono cell” design, allowing engineers to bulk up individual cells and remove free space within the pack, allowing for longer life and performance.

The company is reportedly also working on a battery chemical mixture that is less likely to overheat. A source revealed that the technology will make consumers and technology critics feel like it’s “the first time you saw the iPhone,” suggesting a blockbuster car was coming.

We know very little on the specifics of Apple Car, including how the company would produce the machine, as it would likely need to build new plants to assemble the vehicles. It could, as an alternative, outsource production to a third party until it entered the mainstream market.

It had previously been reported by analyst Ming-Chi Kuo that Apple was going to release an Apple Car in 2023 to 2025, and this latest report falls in line with those earlier predictions.

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