New Samsung ad pokes fun at Apple’s Genius Bar

It’s understandable that there’s a rivalry between Apple and Samsung, and that becomes even more clear with the latest Galaxy S9 video.

Titled ‘Ingenius: Speed’, the ad pokes fun at Apple’s Genius Bar while touting Samsung’s faster download speeds. In the video, a customer at the ‘Ingenius’ bar about the download speeds of the iPhone X compared to the Samsung Galaxy S9, leaving the faux Apple employee unable to respond.

Both this new video and Samsung’s website are highlighting its LTE performance scores on Ookla’s Speedtest Intelligence Data from February to April 2018. Ookla uses real-world user-submitted speed test results and aggregates LTE speeds from a number of different devices.

Ookla’s spring speed tests showed that the Galaxy S9, which is equipped with Qualcomm’s X20 LTE chip, was 37% faster than the iPhone X and 43% faster than the iPhone 8.

At present, the iPhone X is equipped with either Qualcomm’s Snapdragon X16 or Intel’s XMM7480 LTE chip, depending on model. This does have lower theoretical maximum download speeds than the X20. However, rumors do suggest that Apple will be making improvements for the forthcoming 2018 lineup.

Apple is also planning to introduce improved antenna technology for faster connection speeds, along with dual-SIM dual standby functionality. The new iPhones may use Intel’s XMM 7560 and Qualcomm’s X20 chips, both of which are faster than the LTE chips in the current iPhone X.



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