New seven-episode workout series for postpartum women released on Apple Fitness+

Woman with Apple fitness watch

Apple Fitness+ has made available a new workout program, entitled “Get Back to Fitness After Having a Baby”, tailored to women who are looking to get back into exercise during the postpartum period.

The workouts are led by Fitness+ trainer Betina Gozo, who is a new mom herself, and features a mix of core, strength, and Apple’s Mindful Cooldown workouts. Different workout options are available, to suit the delivery you had and your fitness levels prior to and during pregnancy.

The coaching provided through this new post-pregnancy collection is informed by the experiences of mothers, as well as advice from an OB-GYN physician. Some of the included exercises focus on the pelvic floor, while there are also mindful exercises based on stretching, providing new parents with advice on patience and self-care.

Each of the seven sessions is 10 minutes long, which helps make it easier for new mothers to fit them into their schedule, as they ease themselves back into exercise. However, with it being extremely important to navigate postpartum exercise both consciously and safely, Apple advises new mothers to speak to their doctor or healthcare provider before commencing this program.

Apple Fitness+ is a fitness service and app built around the Apple Watch. You can access it initially for free when you buy an Apple Watch, and a subscription costs $9.99 a month – able to be shared with as many as five family members – after the end of the free trial period.

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