New Social App SuitMe Aims to Help Indecisive Fashionistas

Do you often struggle to decide whether a particular outfit will genuinely look good on you when you leave the house? A new social app, SuitMe, could help you to canvass other people’s opinions – provided that the Montreal-based startup behind the app raises the funds necessary for effectively making it.

So, how would SuitMe work? Basically, imagine that you are unsure whether a specific item of clothing suits your overall appearance or which of two sets of outfits to go for. After uploading either a photo of yourself in an outfit or a collage via the SuitMe app, other users, such as friends, followers, locals or even random users, could rate the image and leave helpful comments.

It would be possible to rate a photo through selecting from the options “yes”, “no” or “I don’t know”. You would also have the opportunity to see makeovers posted in the last 24 hours globally ranked – great for getting an at-a-glance idea of what, in terms of style, seems especially well-liked.

The startup, also called SuitMe, has embarked on a Kickstarter campaign intended to raise $10,000 CAD by early December. Money raised will go towards application development, marketing and advertising, and more – while rewards for those who add to the money pot range from an emailed “thanks” for a $1 donation right through to a planted tree for those giving $400.

While it remains unclear when exactly the app will be released, the SuitMe website says that it will be available on both the iOS App Store and the Android software store Google Play.

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