New Trailer Appears for Next Year’s The LEGO Batman Movie

Holy YouTube! A new trailer for The LEGO Batman Movie, a delightfully silly take on the Caped Crusader, has just hit the video sharing site – and Robin, Alfred Pennyworth and the Joker all make appearances, though not quite like you might remember them from the comics…

Will Arnett here reprises his role as Batman and Bruce Wayne from The LEGO Movie – and he’s in fine form as we see the Dark Knight looking forlorn with his lonely life in his mansion. There’s company later in the trailer, though – and, while Robin doesn’t exactly have the most glittering cinematic history, the humorous take on the character here will likely make that irrelevant.

We also see policewoman Barbara Gordon, here playing the Commissioner role usually taken by her father James, proposing that the Gotham City police department works with, rather than against, Batman. And then there’s the Joker, who seems upset at Batman’s claim, in a cute reference to a certain other Batman film, that Superman is his true adversary.

The LEGO Batman Movie is currently scheduled to arrive in theaters in February 2017.

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