New two-way MagSafe Power Bank by Otterbox unveiled for iPhone 12 and 13

Apple MagSafe charger

Otterbox has thrown the covers off a brand new Power Bank that can be used to charge iPhone 12, iPhone 13, and other devices such as AirPods.

The Wireless Power Bank for MagSafe offers two-way charging, which means that it can give output to a device at the same time as receiving charge itself.

The product comes with an indicator showing charge status and battery life, as well as a dual direction USB-C port, so that the user can charge the bank with a cable at the same time as it charges another device. Alternatively, the user can power another device with the cable, while the bank charges wirelessly through MagSafe.

Users can get the new charging bank in black or white, and it also comes with a durable case that can stand up to the impact of being dropped. One would also presume, given the design of the product, that it will work with other MagSafe cases, although this is yet to be confirmed.

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