New video shows off Apple-branded face masks designed for staffers

Popular YouTuber Unbox Therapy has released a new video, showing off an unboxing of Apple’s branded face masks.

The clip offers the closest look yet at Apple’s new face mask, which was designed by the firm’s Engineering and Industrial Design teams and adopts many of Apple’s signature design and packaging elements. The masks are designed for both corporate and retail employees.

Inside of each Apple-branded box, there are five individually-sealed face masks, as well as adapters which can be used to marry together the ear loops behind the head for a more comfortable fit. Apple also prints instructions on the sealed packs, similar to packaging for iPhone, reminding users to wash their hands before opening the mask and adjusting its fit.

According to the internet personality, Apple’s new masks are made from high-quality fabric that “feels superior” to generic face masks. Though Apple’s masks aren’t classified – i.e. N95 – reports suggest they’re effective at blocking air and preventing the spread of COVID-19.

The masks can each be washed up to five times, meaning one package offers 25 uses.

According to one report, Apple manufactured the masks earlier in the year and was keen to avoid materials that could have disrupted the manufacturing of medical-grade PPE.

Therefore, these masks are basic and only offer so much protection, but should be enough for customer-facing employees in retail stores and indeed Apple’s corporate headquarter staff.

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