New watchOS, iOS, and macOS Features Confirmed by Bloomberg

Bloomberg has shared new details on what to expect ahead of this year’s WWDC on June 3.

Apple is widely expected to announce the next iterations of its iOS, watchOS, macOS, and tvOS operating systems as it does every year, and whilst rumors have been quiet on this year’s release so far, Bloomberg’s new report has shed more light on the expected new features.

iOS: Big Leaps Forward

In iOS 13, Apple is expected to focus on performance and speed, with a new cleaner look for the operating system’s widgets screen.

The long-awaited Dark Mode will come to iOS for the first time with a black and grey design, that can be toggled in the Control Center, and a new look Health app will introduce a screen to offer a daily report on your health.

Also new is ear health – Apple will track metrics like how loud you play music, and also offer support on menstrual cycling tracking to create an all-in-one health application to serve all purposes.

As has already been reported, iOS 13 and macOS 10.15 will feature a new-look Reminders app, with a grid layout that includes sections for tasks due today, scheduled tasks, tasks that have been flagged, and much more.

It’s also expected that Apple will introduce a new iPad and Mac second-screen option, though little information as provided on what that involved.

Screen Time will also be given some love, with features like the ability for parents and guardians to set limits on contacts – for example, teens could be banned from contacting friends via FaceTime or iMessage at bedtime.

On iMessage, iOS 13 is expected to allow users to set profile pictures, making the experience like a social network.

The update will also include sticker versions of Animojis and Memojis for the first time, whilst Maps will add frequent locations to the UI, and Mail will allow users to block emails from certain contacts.

Also in privacy is the merging of Find my Friends and Find my iPhone, creating a unified experience for future expansion.

iPad will also receive some love, with another multitasking redesign and a new home screen that allows users to switch between a couple of versions of the same app, though little info was given as to what that might involve.

Some have said iPad’s home screen will get an all-new design, similar to macOS, although Bloomberg’s report didn’t touch on that rumor.

Apple Watch Changes Afoot

watchOS 6 is also expected to be a bumper release, with an App Store on the Apple Watch to allow users to find new apps and use the device without their iPhone.

New apps are also expected to be introduced, like Voice Memos, Apple Books, Calculator, and new Health apps like Dose and Cycles for medication and menstrual cycles, akin to the Health app on iOS 13.

Apple will also introduce new faces in this release, like a Gradient’ face, a ‘California’ face, a ‘Solar Analog’ face and an ‘Infograph Subdial’ face that includes prominent complications.

New complications are expected, too, including one for battery status for hearing aids, and a companion to the Books app to allow users to play audiobooks from their Watch on the go.

What’s New on macOS and HomePod?

Although Bloomberg focused less on macOS, the reporter did shed some light on what to expect in 2019’s release, including updates on the Mac ‘Marzipan’ initiative.

Most notable is the inclusion of the Find My iPhone app on the Mac for the first time, and Apple Music, which has been written from the ground up rather than serving as a port from iOS, something many had predicted and were concerned about.

HomePod is also expected to see new updates in 2019, like multi-user support that would distinguish between voices and offer different features, like playlists and recommendations.

This feature will make HomePod more of a family-friendly device, and more in line with what Google Home and Amazon Echo offer their users, increasing Apple’s competitiveness in the smart speaker sector.

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