New York Times Launches HTML 5 App For The iPad

The New York Times announced this week that it is launching a new HTML5-based web app accessible to iPad users at While it is called an “experimental web app” in the press release, according to, the move is identical to the switch made by The Financial Times, who released a HTML5 web app last year in response to Apple’s subscription guidelines. The New York Times already has an HTML5 app available in the Chrome Web Store. The press release explained the new app is available to digital subscribers with tablet access and is optimized specifically for viewing on the iPad.

“The app is available exclusively to digital subscribers to with tablet access, which includes the Web + Tablet and All Digital Access packages. It is also available to home delivery subscribers who link their account for digital access. Subscribers are encouraged to send feedback about their experience with the app.”

The app will offer four different ways to view content:

1. Trending: The Trending section lists the top 25 trending Times articles on Twitter from the past hour. This section functions in conjunction with Cascade, a proprietary data visualization tool developed by The Times Company’s Research & Development group, which monitors the sharing of content on Twitter.

2. Times Wire: A continuous, reverse chronological feed of the latest articles, videos and slide shows published on

3. Today’s Paper: In this reading format, users can browse the app like they would the newspaper, with sections organized under print topic headings.

4. All Sections: The full breadth of Times coverage, from breaking news, to video and photography.

Though many companies and publications think using HTML 5-based apps is the best way to provide content, the truth is they are just looking to avoid redesigning their app for each platform. For users to have apps that function 100% correctly, the best way is still to design an app natively for that device and operating system.

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