Next Apple Pencil could sample real-world colors Exciting news for those who use Apple Pencil!

Apple is reportedly planning to introduce a new Apple Pencil that samples real-world colors.

According to a patent published by the United States Patent and Trademark Office, Apple has created a new color sampling technology that includes a color sensor on the Apple Pencil, featuring photodetectors which would measure light for different color channels.

This would, theoretically, allow a user to select a color from a real-world object, whether that’s a t-shirt, flower, or magazine article, and then use that color on the iPad for drawing.

When a user detects a color using their Appel Pencil, the color would then be added to their color palette in their favorite drawing program, whether it’s Notes, Photoshop, or Notability, and that color could then be assigned to a brush. The patent also suggests that the sensor could be used for other purposes, like calibrating displays or health-related measurements.

The patent suggests that the color sensor functionality could be added to the tip of the stylus or on the opposite end, suggesting that a finished product is still a long way off.

It’s important to note that Apple often experiments with technologies and ideas so that they can protect their IP, even if most of the ideas and concepts never make it to public release.

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