Next Apple Watch looks set for even stronger fitness focus

Next Apple Watch looks set for even stronger fitness focus

Apple has been eagerly pushing the Apple Watch Series 2 as a device useful for boosting health and fitness. It looks like the company will be further enhancing the wearable’s capabilities in these areas for the Series 3 model expected to arrive this fall, judging from freshly revealed details…

Australian news site The Sydney Morning Herald reports that top personal trainer Ben Lucas has been invited to meet up with Apple at a Hollywood-based educational session next week. Lucas, a former professional rugby player, has revealed some tidbits about what Apple’s session will involve.

“It’s the launch of what they’re going to be doing in the near future,” Lucas told Fairfax Media, which owns The Sydney Morning Herald. “It’s got to do with how the watch will sync with gym equipment and your vital stats like heart rate and calorie output”.

Lucas’ reference to “the near future” strongly hints at the Apple Watch Series 3, which is expected to launch later this year, possibly alongside new iPhones. Rumors have detailed little about the next-generation wearable’s features, which may include a micro-LED, in place of OLED, display.

Reportedly, only people deemed members of the global community of fitness influencers have received invitations to Apple’s Hollywood session. Lucas co-founded Sydney’s Flow Atlantic gym in 2013 and his clients have included Australian businesswoman Roxy Jacenko.

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