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Next Apple Watch to Come with GPS and Swimming Tracking?

Apple has heavily marketed the health and fitness benefits of the Apple Watch, and this gives a ring of authenticity to a new report that the next version of the wearable – presumably to be called the Apple Watch 2 – will include GPS and, with the Workout app, the ability to track swimming.

The report is from 9to5Mac, which admits to learning these details from “an anonymous source with absolutely no track record”. The source’s IP address is said to indicate a location that is close to Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino – though this, in itself, only very slightly strengthens the source’s credibility.

Still, according to the source, the Apple Watch 2 will have GPS enabling workouts to be accurately logged without the need for the wearable to be accompanied by an iPhone. The mention of swimming tracking, meanwhile, invites speculation that it will be more waterproof than its predecessor.

Whether or not the source should be considered reliable, these are features that would definitely significantly enhance the watch’s functionality and make an Apple Watch 2 a proper follow-up device.

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