Next iPhone Will Feature Triple-Lens Cameras

iPhone 2019 renders courtesy of OnLeaks.

Apple will ship the next iPhone X model with a triple-lens camera, according to new reports.

Popular Japanese technology blog Mac Otakara has received information from Chinese suppliers, showing off renders of what the next-generation iPhone XS Max could look like.

They suggest that the new iPhone XS Max design will feature a square bump with three cameras and a flash module, similar to the Huawei Mate 20 Pro, released in November.

The new reports are consistent with previous renders supplied by OnLeaks, who suggested that at least one 2019 iPhone model will feature a triple-lens rear camera.

That’s on top of a previous report in The Wall Street Journal, who argued the next iPhone XS Max will feature three rear cameras, whilst the next iPhone XS and iPhone XR will sport dual-lens cameras.

A triple-lens camera on the XS and XS Max?

Mac Otakara contradicts The Wall Street Journal’s reports and suggests that it is “highly likely” for Apple to add a triple-lens camera on both the next iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max.

Sources at Mac Otakara suggest that Apple has been working on new iPhone cases with large square holes on the rear, presumably to house the square rear triple-camera bump.

If Apple was to add a triple-lens camera to its next iPhone, it would follow the likes of Samsung and Huawei who have already added three cameras to their models.

In those cases, an additional camera offers better 3D lensing and control in a range of situations.

A third camera would also support Apple’s ongoing augmented reality efforts, providing developers with a high-performance camera for complex AR tasks, and offer consumers a professional-level camera that can compete with Samsung’s latest Galaxy phones.


What else do we know about the 2019 iPhone range?

Other expected features of the 2019 iPhone range include a frosted glass casing, a bigger battery capacity, and the ability to charge devices like Apple Watch and AirPods from the iPhone through bilateral charging, something Samsung introduced with Galaxy 10 model.

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