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Next iPhones won’t have iPhone on the back

All change at Apple

New details have emerged about the upcoming trio of new iPhones.

According to a user on popular Chinese question-and-answer site Zhihu, who claims to be a Foxconn factory worker in China, Apple might not include iPhone branding on this year’s iPhones.

If so, this would be the first time that Apple decided not to include the word iPhone on the rear of the device, instead of allowing the Apple logo to work for itself on the device.

This is the first time we’ve heard such a rumor, and although this latest information cannot be confirmed at this time, it would make sense as Apple looks to further bolster the Apple brand and encourage people to think of it as an “Apple Phone” rather than an iPhone.

It’s incredibly unlikely that the company would ditch the iPhone branding, but removing it from the back of the phone would allow the product to fall in line with the rest of Apple’s hardware line-up, offering a more minimalistic design.

The alleged worker has also shed some light on the appearance of the new iPhone, suggesting that at least one of the new phones would be available in a new Dark Green color option.

We previously reported Apple would launch the successor to the iPhone XR in green and lavender, so this lines up with what we already know ahead of a September release.

The rear glass on all three of this year’s iPhones is reported to have a matte appearance for the first time, which corresponds to Ming-Chi Kuo’s previous reports that the new iPhones would feature frosted glass casing, allowing Apple to differentiate this year’s models.

Aside from the new color and the removal of the iPhone branding, this year’s iPhones will look the same as the 2018 models.

The leaker added that the new iPhone XS Max would come with a 3,969 mAh battery capacity – the first time that number has been cited – as well as a triple-lens camera, the removal of 3D Touch, and the continuation of the Lightning port.

Of course, all of the information offered in this post should be taken with a pinch of salt, as this user does not have any track record – and their account was anonymous, presumably to protect their identity at Foxconn.

Leaking information about a new product could land an employee in serious danger, and so going undercover is the only way to provide information.

Are you more excited about this year’s iPhone range after hearing these rumors? Let us know your thoughts on Twitter using our handle, @AppleMagazine, and check back soon for more.

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