Nick Jonas, Judge for Yourself

Fox is trying to salvage its show that was once unstoppable. For many years,. American Idol always ruled the night, no matter what night it was on. Then it slowly began to lose the ratings race, yet was still topping everything else. Once Simon Cowell left the show to do The X Factor, it seemed to cement the ratings on a downward spiral.

For the past few years, Fox was trying an obvious attempt to boost the ratings, bringing in Steven Tyler of Aerosmith and Jennifer Lopez as judges alongside the only remaining original judge, Randy Jackson. You would think these two superstars would have brought Idol solid ratings success, but that just wasn't the case. They won't be returning to the show next season, leaving Fox to find replacements.

Earlier it was announced that Randy Jackson's friend Mariah Carey, whose husband, Nick Cannon, hosts America's Got Talent on NBC, will be sitting in one of those empty seats at the judges' table next season. They still have an empty seat, and it's been confirmed that talks are ongoing, with one interested party being Nick Jonas.

Wait … who? That's right. Nick Jones of the Jonas Brothers. I get how you go from Paula Abdul to Jennifer Lopez to Mariah Carey, but how do you go from Simon Cowell to Steven Tyler to Nick Jonas?

Go ahead, give a listen to some of the Jonas Brothers music on iTunes. You tell me if this is a guy you think should be in charge of judging up-and-coming talent.

Then again we also have to realize that Nick seems to be distancing himself from the whole boy band thing. For one, he's lost the mop of curls he was known for. And for another, he has been appearing on Broadway in How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying as well as sitcoms. Besides, this singing act was supposed to be him as a soloist, but the record company decided they wanted that whole boy band thing with his brothers.

This leaves the big question … is Nick Jonas a proven enough talent by himself to replace Steven Tyler and bring ratings back to Fox?

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