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Nintendo officially announces a new Mario Kart game for iOS

It’s official! Nintendo has finally announced that a mobile version of Mario Kart is under development and that the game will be released at some point over the next 13 months.

This follows the company’s recent releases of Super Mario Run and Animal Crossing and, perhaps, a response to avid Mario Kart fans who have wondered for years why Nintendo has been so reluctant to bring the game to smartphones.

The company made the official announcement on Twitter (below).

Up to now, Nintendo has stayed quiet on the details of Mario Kart for iOS but what we do know is that the game will be called Mario Kart Tour and a release will come sometime before March 2019.  According to the company, the game is “now in development” but, again, it has not been specified how far along this development is.

We want to know what your predictions are for Mario Kart Tour. Leave your comments below!

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