Nintendo Teases iOS Versions of Animal Crossing, Fire Emblem

Fast on the heels of the release of Miitomo, its first iOS game, Nintendo of America has teased, through its Twitter page, iOS outings for two of its established properties: Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem.

The life simulation game Animal Crossing, previously released on Wii and DS, sees players controlling a village where humanoid animals roam, while Fire Emblem is a fighter RPG aimed at “serious gamers”. Very little is known about the iOS versions of these games, but they should arrive around October.

Last year, Nintendo revealed that it would release about five titles onto “smart devices” by the end of March 2017. Nintendo explained that it would be careful with what titles it would release on platforms like iOS, due to what it considered the different play styles compared to those of the dedicated game systems that the company has traditionally released its titles on.

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