NOIZ Is Poised To Change The Way We Look At Music Production

Music production used to be a daunting industry to get into. Advancements in music production software have made the process much easier, and one app developer has sights to get more people interested in the music industry.

NOIZ, the newest app to come out of the award-winning Studio Amplify, helps people learn the fundamentals of music production; doing away with the standard multi-track approach and introducing a user-friendly graphical interface.

The UI, dubbed ‘Surfaces’, allows the users to compose music in real time, with a vast selection of beats, loops, effects to choose from. The library of sounds exposes the DNA of several different music genres, so users can create a world of different electronic music.

The app has been developed by the two producer-turned-programmers who founded Studio Amplify with the express purpose to remove the barriers for budding music producers.

One of the co-founders, Alex Fox, stated that “NOIZ is not just aimed at those starting out. Even if you’re a seasoned producer, NOIZ provides a really interesting new way to compose music. Having a starting point makes you write different music and the expression the Surfaces have is completely unique.”

NOIZ is available to purchase from the Apple app store today!

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