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Nomad Cable: On The Go Lightning Connector

When the iPhone 5 launched, it brought along with it a new type of connector for Apple devices. The months (and in most cases years) of collecting chargers for our iPods, iPads, and iPhones was essentially all for nothing. The limited options that are on the market right now make it tough to keep your iPhone 5 charged throughout the day, and this is where Chicago residents Kegan and Roberto’s Nomad Cable come into play.

Currently, the product is being displayed on a Kickstarter campaign to raise the funds to get their product into development. They have a few different Chinese production companies in mind, and here is why I think they deserve our backing. The cable itself will attach to a key ring, making it very portable, and the size allows it to be used in any situation. You can easily use this cable to connect your iPhone 5 in any situation no matter how tight the squeeze. The cable is very flexible and all the parts are Apple–approved. The connector itself comes directly from Apple manufacturers.

“While the aesthetics of the Nomad was [sic] important to us, the most critical aspect of our cable design was to make it Apple-certified.  We had purchased too many knockoff cables in the past that stop working after a month. Creating a quality cable that would last was a top priority.”

 The goal for this patent pending product is to reach 100% funding through Kickstarter, then start production with one of the Chinese companies they have been in talks with. If all goes according to plan, the product would be mailed out to customers in February.

If you would like to make a pledge to this cause, visit their Kickstarter page. They plan on putting the Nomad on store shelves, and I hope they do, because I feel this is going to be a breakthrough product.

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