Notchless iPhone to arrive in 2023

Apple is planning to remove the notch from its iPhone in two years time, replacing it with an under-the-display Face ID facial recognition system. The company could also introduce a new periscope-style telephoto lens to entice consumers away from rival smartphones, too.

As per a number of reliable insiders, Apple will continue to shrink the appearance of the notch from this year’s iPhone, the iPhone 13, making it around 10% smaller on each side as the firm moves the smartphone’s earpiece to the top bezel. However, although this goes some way to appease consumers who don’t want a notch, it’s still an annoying feature.

Until now, Apple has struggled to move essential Face ID components, like the IR dot projector and flood illuminator, under the hood, but says it should do so by 2023 when the company can shrink the notch significantly. Next year, the firm will reportedly transition to a punch-hole style notch, before removing the not entirely in 2023, according to new rumors.

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