NYPD officers switch to Apple iPhones, the “ultimate tool” for fighting crime

After two years of using Windows Phones, The New York Police Department is officially replacing the 36,000 devices with iPhones. According to New York Daily News, each day 600 iPhone 7s and 7 Plus’ will be given out to officers. These new phones are seen as the “ultimate tool” for fighting crime and could revolutionize the way officers use their phones to respond all types of crimes.

The first offers to receive their new devices are those in Manhattan, however, those in Brooklyn and Queens don’t have long to wait. The phones will help officers fight crime in the digital age as they will be able to deal with everything from 911 dispatches to criminal background checks. They will also be used to fill our accident and domestic violence reports, and access video and surveillance photos. Officer Christopher Clampitt commented on the new phones:

“I truly feel like it’s the ultimate tool to have as a patrol cop…we get to the location a lot quicker…by the time the dispatcher puts out the job (on the radio) we’re already there.”

As the phones are considered upgrades under the agency’s contract with AT&T, they come at no extra cost to the force. They are thought to bring better speed and security and could change the way officers respond to all forms of crime.

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