Our iOS wish-list for WWDC 2021

Tim Cook and friends will take to the stage at the Worldwide Developers Conference next month to unveil the next generation of software for all of our Apple devices.

Although macOS and watchOS are now more important than ever before, the real star of the show is iOS, and below, we’ve rounded up some of the things we’d love to see the Cupertino company introduce…


Interactive widgets

Apple took a significant leap forward in iOS 14 with the introduction of widgets, and it alone sparked one of the fastest iOS adoption rates of all time, with millions of consumers keen to update to the new software to access widgets and home screen customisations. However, one of our biggest pet peeves is that the widgets aren’t interactive; we’d love to see that come in iOS 15.


Better offline support for Siri

Siri has come a long way in recent years, and though the smart assistant still needs work to properly compete with Google Assistant and Alexa, we think that Apple could edge its competitors by offering better offline support. Give Siri the tools to help us on the go, even when we don’t have a cell signal, and it’ll be onto a winner.


More default apps

Apple has been accused of being anti-competitive on more occasion than one, and it made some headway with that by allowing consumers to set their own default apps in iOS 14. In iOS 15, we’d like to see Apple go one step further and allow users to choose a default music app, like Spotify, and a default podcast app, like Google Podcasts. Although we still think Apple’s offerings are superior, there’s no harm in having more choice.


Revamped apps

We think it’s time Apple took a leaf out of its competitors’ books and overhauled the Mail app once and for all. Although small tweaks have been made over the years, the truth is that third-party mail apps are so much better and offer more advanced, user-friendly functionality. Apple could overhaul Mail and create a platform that consumers want to use, rather than immediately run away from when they buy their new iPhone!


More iOS features on iPadOS

Apple has introduced some serious features to iPadOS to create the world’s most advanced tablet operating system, but it still has a way to go. We want to see the Calculator, Watch, and Weather apps come to iPadOS, as well as a Low Power Mode, and App Library. We also think it’s time for multi-user support on the iPad.


What’s on your iOS wish list? Let us know and check back soon for more.

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