Over 32,000 Students Learning on iPads Thanks to ConnectED

Apple has announced that, thanks to its involvement in the ConnectED initiative, 32,145 students are now “learning, creating and exploring” on iPads at underserved public schools across the US.

ConnectED was set up by US President Barack Obama with the aim that 99% of students nationally will be able to draw upon high-speed Internet access by 2018. Apple’s involvement has seen it commit to distributing iPads to 114 schools across 29 states – and the company has made good progress in that…

The Cupertino firm has revealed that, with the start of the 2016-2017 school year, Carver Elementary School in Indianola, Mississippi, has become the 66th ConnectED school. 701 students at the institution are now benefitting from Apple’s “cutting edge teaching and learning technology solutions”.

Apple’s ConnectED grant enables it to provide an iPad to each student and teacher, while the company is also helping with professional learning and upgrades to wireless infrastructure at ConnectED schools.

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