Over 90% of Android Devices in Enterprise Using Outdated OS

In another sign of the dangerous fragmentation of the Android operating system, a study has found that less than a tenth of the enterprise’s Android mobile devices are running the latest version of the OS.

The study, reports Computer Weekly, was by the cloud firm Duo Security, which analyzed its installed base of over a million mobile devices. Given that the company caters for various big name businesses including Facebook, Etsy and Toyota, this study casts Android’s security in a particularly unflattering light.

Mobile devices on outdated Android versions are susceptible to vulnerabilities such as Stagefright, where a video or photo message can be used to gain unauthorized access to the device. However, many Android devices are not even supported with opportunities for updates for nearly as long as iOS and Windows alternatives – making the Android platform a particular security risk.

Duo Security has provided advice for businesses seeking to plug gaps in their mobile security. This advice includes routinely replacing outdated hardware that regular updates are no longer available for – and, when buying a new Android device, sticking to the Nexus product line, the Android versions on which are more actively and directly supported with updates from Google.

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