Overweight? Here’s why Apple Fitness+ is for you

Earlier in the year, Apple announced its new fitness subscription service Apple Fitness+.

Though the most obvious customers for this product are fitness fanatics, the service really comes into its own when helping beginners get back into the world of fitness. It’s easy to fall off the wagon and forget to exercise, seeing Apple’s activity rings as pie-in-the-sky thinking rather than something to aim for every day.

Apple says that its Absolute Beginner program built into Fitness+ will coach the basics of movement and exercise, helping users prepare for more intensive studio workouts. Apple adds that most workouts don’t require equipment, and those that do can be done with any brand. Apple GymKit-enabled machines will, of course, offer more functionality alongside Fitness+, but they are not necessary to get started.

The idea, Apple says, is to make fitness accessible and as engaging and enjoyable as possible, and by working with renowned trainers who are charismatic and sympathetic, users should find it easy to shed those extra pounds.

Apple has also made it clear that Fitness+ will put privacy at the forefront of its operations. As with all of Apple’s services, Apple Fitness+ will protect personal data. Apple Fitness+ workout recommendations are powered using on-device intelligence rather than in Apple’s services, and all workout data is saved to the Health app on iPhone. What’s more, calories and workouts aren’t stored alongside users’ Apple IDs, so users’ data is totally protected.

Are you looking forward to Fitness+? Check back soon for news on a release date.

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