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Nowadays, the organizations are looking for those professionals who can handle all the required tasks and be the perfect employees to help lead the company to the top. But how can you build their trust by seeing your potential employers for the first time? Or how to show your boss that you are ready for the promotion after all these years of hard work? Of course, one of the best ways to prove that you are eligible for the position is to get a certification.

Microsoft is one of those companies that provides all the interested individuals with the sought-after credentials. So, we recommend that you go no further and consider taking one of the most popular certificates the organization has –  get tests MCSA 70-480, 70-486, MS-900, 70-761, 70-778, 70-410, 70-764, MS-100 SalesForce ADM-211 White Belt Ms-202 300-135 : Web Applications. In our modern world, it doesn’t wind down and many specialists think about this certification as a good asset.

So, you know now where to put your efforts on, but there are some things that you need to know before starting anything. That is why let’s stop for a couple of minutes and look at the details of this MCSA credential and one of its exams – Microsoft 70-480.

Eligibility criteria to take Microsoft 70-480 certification exam

There are no officially set eligibility criteria to sit for this test. However, Microsoft has set the age limit to take this exam at 18+ years. So, this is the first thing to consider. Besides, the developers who have some experience in JavaScript, HTML, and CSS3 will find Microsoft 70-480 easier and are likely to score higher. You also need to know that this test evaluates your ability to accomplish various technical tasks, including implementing and maintaining document structure and objectives, using CSS3 in applications, implementing program flow, and accessing secure data.

Thus, an ideal candidate for Microsoft 70-480 is a developer who has one or more years of experience working with HTML in an object-based, programming essential business logic, and event-driven programming model for a range of publication types, software, and hardware platforms using JavaScript.The applicants for this exam should also have an in-depth understanding of the following areas:

  • Arrays and collections;
  • Managing program flow and events;
  • Decision and iteration statements;
  • Asynchronous programming;
  • Working with methods and prototypes;
  • Handling exceptions and errors;
  • Data validation and working;
  • Working with operators, variables, and expressions;
  • Working with data collections including JQuery.

If you don’t have the required experience or you know just a minimum about programming, you should not worry. Don’t wrap up your dreams because you can still earn your MCSA credential without even knowing anything about programming languages. This is an associate-level certification, so the main task for you is to gain the necessary knowledge and gain the relevant skills that you may need in the future. Everything is simple. Just get one of the MTA certificates to have some fundamental knowledge, which is not even a necessary requirement, and learn all that Microsoft 70-480 entails. If you prepare with great deliberation, you will surely complete your milestone .

Pattern to consider for Microsoft 70-480 certification exam

To start your preparation, first of all, know the essential details of your test. Microsoft 70-480 will generally have about 40-60 questions. Since the number of questions is not fixed, the examinees cannot be sure how many of them they can encounter when taking the test. Most of the questions are of a multiple-choice type. Other ones can be drag and drop, fill-in-the-blank, and hot area. The whole process takes 2 hours to complete and $165 to pay. This certification exam can be taken in several languages that include the following:

  • English;
  • German;
  • French;
  • Chinese;
  • Portuguese;
  • Japanese.

Topics to study for Microsoft 70-480 certification exam

There are mainly four topics in Microsoft 70-480. Each of them has a number of subtopics that are closely related to each other and have different weights in the exam. For a clear understanding, we have indicated the percentage of each section to indicate the weight they have been given in the test. Please note that it corresponds to the number of questions or marks from each part. All in all, let’s look at the objectives that you should study.

  1. Implement and Manage Document Structures and Objects

The first section is all about how to implement and manage document structures and objects. This part covers between 20 to 25% of the whole exam. Under this domain, you will form your knowledge of using HTML to create a document structure. The questions will also check how well you can create code that interacts with UI controls, implement HTML5 APIs, apply styling to HTML elements, and establish the scope of variables and objects.

  1. Implement Program Flow

This is another topic, which covers at least 25% of Microsoft 70-480. The questions are designed to evaluate your ability to effectively implement program flow and exception handling, raise and handle an event, and implement synchronous programming. You will also be required to confirm your skills in creating a web worker process. You have to know how to start one, stop it, configure intervals and timeouts, and pass the data to a web worker.

  1. Access and Secure Data

About 25-30% of the whole certification exam is all about accessing and securing data. This objective gives you the knowledge of using HTML5 elements to validate user input. You will be required to have the skills to implement HTML input types as well as content attributes to the collect user input. The questions aligned to this section also test your ability to use JavaScriptin order to validate user input. To be able to answer the questions correctly, you also must have the knowledge of consuming data, serializing, and transmitting it. You must be able to handle binary data and text data, including XML and JSON.

  1. Use CSS3 in Applications

Using CSS3 in apps is another domain that covers about 25-30% of the exam. Under this subject, the applicants will be evaluated on their knowledge of styling the HTML text and box properties. Moreover, you need to learn how to create a flexible content layout, adaptive and animated UI, use CSS selectors, and JQuery to find elements and structure a CSS file. To successfully answer the questions under this topic area, you should have the following skills:

  • Implement a multi-column layout;
  • Apply styles to alter graphics effects, including clipping, shadow, gradients, background image, transparency, and opacity;
  • Use pseudo-classes and pseudo-elements;
  • Find reference elements correctly and implement a layout using nesting, grouping, and regions.

Please note that there may be content from other related topics included apart from the ones discussed above.

Important information to know about Microsoft 70-480 certification exam

If you decide to take Microsoft 70-480, you need to know that Microsoft has announced the retirement of this exam. Actually, it will retire on January 31, 2021, at exactly 11:59 PM Central Time. No one will be allowed to take this test after this date because it will not be available. So, if you are considering getting the MCSA certification, make sure that you start your preparation as early as possible to manage everything on time. The study materials from the Microsoft website and the resources from the PrepAway platform can help you with that so don’t neglect to uses them.


To sum it all up, we want to mention that this MCSA credential will remain valid even after the expiry of the exam. Your efforts will not go in vain, so don’t waste your time and grab everything you need to start your journey to success.

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