PayPal & Venmo Cards Now Compatible with Apple Wallet PayPal has unveiled its latest collaboration with Apple, enabling users to integrate their PayPal and Venmo credit and debit cards with Apple Wallet.

Apple Pay

This development ensures that the associated cashback and rewards for eligible transactions remain intact.

Thanks to this synergy, users can now conveniently utilize these cards for contactless in-store transactions. Furthermore, Apple devices, including iPhones, iPads, and Macs, can facilitate purchases both within apps and on websites via Apple Pay.

To leverage this feature, users should initiate the process through the Apple Wallet app. By tapping the + icon and opting for the “Debit or Credit Card” choice, users can either scan their cards or manually input the card details.

However, for those awaiting a more direct method, PayPal has hinted at the imminent capability to perform this integration directly from the PayPal or Venmo apps in the upcoming months.

Using Apple Pay for transactions can yield benefits such as 2% cashback on purchases made with the PayPal Cashback Credit Card, accumulation of PayPal Rewards points via the PayPal Debit Card (which can be subsequently redeemed for cashback or other rewards), and the opportunity to earn cashback with the Venmo Debit Card at specific partner establishments.

For a comprehensive understanding of these offerings, users can visit the official PayPal website.

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