People Want Santa To Bring Them Apple Products This Holiday Season

According to, this holiday season the majority of your friends and family will be asking you for an iPad. The survey was conducted with 1,475 people, asking them a series of questions from October 24 to November 1.

When asked if they would rather receive a tablet or laptop as a gift, fifty-nine percent said a tablet. A whopping seventy-one percent said they expect people to give tablets as gifts over e-readers this year, showing a loss in confidence in products like the Nook or Kindle.

The Apple brand showed its power when the survey participants were asked which tablet they would want to receive as a gift. It wasn’t even a contest (keep in mind they could make as many selections as they wanted) with sixty-three percent answering the iPad 3 or iPad 4, twenty-four percent saying the iPad Mini, only twenty-two percent the Samsung Galaxy Note, twenty percent the Kindle Fire, and thirteen percent Microsoft’s Surface tablet.

Some other choices that ranked so low they are hardly worth mentioning are: Google Nexus 7, Sony Tablet S, the Toshiba Excite, Barnes & Noble Nook HD, ASUS Transformer Pad, Best Buy’s Insignia Flex, Experia Tablet S, and Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 2.

When forty-five percent of consumers chose the iPad Mini out of the lower priced tablets, they were asked further questions to help Pricegrabber understand their reasoning. The majority of the answers weren’t shocking ones, with forty-seven percent choosing it for its size and portability. Thirty-eight percent chose the Mini due to its lower price tag compared to its bigger sibling the iPad 4, and thirty-five percent said they love Apple as a brand and always give the latest and greatest Apple products as gifts.

It looks like once again this year we will all be spending a lot of time online or at the Apple Store, grabbing one version or another of the iPad for our friends and family. I would love a nicely rapped iPad Mini in my stocking this year, and I can only hope one of my friends or family took part in the Pricegrabber survey!


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