Personalize Your Apple Vision Pro: Free Engraving on ZEISS Lens Inserts Apple's Vision Pro headset now offers free engraving on ZEISS lens inserts, adding a personal touch for users.

Apple Vision Pro | ZEISS Lens Inserts

Apple’s latest offering for its Vision Pro headset includes an appealing option for users who require glasses or contact lenses. The company is providing free engraving on the optional ZEISS lens inserts.

This customization feature allows users to add their chosen text to the black plastic sides of the inserts. While the primary purpose of this service seems to be to help distinguish between multiple users’ inserts, it also offers a unique way to personalize these small yet crucial components of the Vision Pro.

In its lineup, Apple presents two types of ZEISS Optical Inserts. The first, priced at $99, is the “ZEISS Optical Inserts — Readers”, tailored for those who need reading glasses. The second, the “ZEISS Optical Inserts — Prescription”, is available for $149 and is designed for users requiring prescription lenses. These inserts attach magnetically to the Vision Pro lenses, ensuring a seamless integration that enhances viewing quality and eye-tracking accuracy.

To purchase these inserts, customers must provide a valid prescription from an optometrist or an optician.

Enthusiasts and potential buyers can look forward to the official Vision Pro sale launch in the United States on Friday, February 2.

Zeiss Prescription Lenses | Apple Vision Pro

This feature not only aids in identifying individual lens inserts, but also adds a personal touch to the device, enhancing the overall user experience.

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