Photographer Austin Mann shows off iPhone 14 Pro cameras


Travel photographer Austin Mann has shared some images shot on the new iPhone 14 Pro.

Mann is typically one of the first critics to receive a new iPhone, and this year, he headed to the Scottish Highlands to showcase the new camera rig. He shared the results of his shoot on his blog, where he also praised the iPhone’s 48-megapixel resolution, allowing him to crop images and draw viewers’ attention to the right places.

Speaking of the new iPhone cameras, Mann said: “With high-resolution imaging capability, Action mode stabilization, and a Cinematic mode that now supports 4K at 24 fps, the iPhone 14 Pro is a powerful imaging tool in the pocket of a creative pro. Beyond the cameras, new safety features like Emergency SOS via satellite and crash detection are exciting to have with me (and with my loved ones).”

“Now I’m just hoping we see some monster steps forward in the digital workflow so we can quickly get these beautiful files off our cameras and into our projects to share with the world!”

Manna added: “Many of you have been curious about the file sizes of the 48 megapixel ProRAW DNG files. I’ve found them to be mostly around 80MB, with the smallest files as low as 45MB (a shot with mostly sky and little detail), and the biggest being 115MB (a shot with tons of detail in leaves). For comparison, my Sony A1 (50 megapixel) RAW files are usually in the 120MB range. The image pixel dimensions of the 48 MP files are 8064×6048.”

You can find more shots on Mann’s blog.

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