Photos of Alleged iPhone 7 Case Suggest No Headphone Jack

Photos of Alleged iPhone 7 Case Suggest No Headphone Jack

Photos said to show a case for the iPhone 7 have been posted by tech news site – and further hint that the dedicated headphone jack will be omitted for the handset.

The photos, reportedly obtained from an accessory vendor that has “until now always been trustworthy”, show a case with no obvious hole for the 3.5mm headphone jack that has long been standard in iPhones. Instead, where the jack would typically be located is a pill-shaped hole matching that on the opposite side – hinting that the phone will have two symmetric speaker grilles.

Between those two holes, however, remains a large, rectangular hole clearly intended for the Lightning port – which, according to rumor, would be used for headphones with the iPhone 7.

Otherwise, these photos suggest that the iPhone 7 will closely physically resemble the iPhone 6S. It seems, for example, that the power button, volume control and mute switch will all remain in their familiar places – though, in want of written dimensions for the case, the iPhone 7 could still be physically slimmer, which the dedicated headphone jack’s absence would help to make possible.

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