Photos of Possible Lightning EarPods for iPhone 7 Emerge

Photos of Possible Lightning EarPods for iPhone 7 Emerge

With the omission of the traditional headphone jack in the iPhone 7 now looking like a near-certainty, photos have appeared showing what could be the new EarPods – complete with Lightning connector – to be bundled with the iPhone 7 this fall.

Late last month, two photos supposedly showing those EarPods appeared on Chinese social networks and were shared by editor Steve Hemmerstoffer on Twitter, as shown below. However, Hemmerstoffer has just posted various additional images…

Those images, said to have earlier been published by a user of Chinese social media site Weibo, appear to show the same type of EarPods as those in the previously unearthed photos. However, while these earphones sport the kind of glossy sheen that we have come to expect from Apple hardware, it can’t be conclusively ruled out that they are simply good fakes.

Judging from launch schedules in previous years, the iPhone 7 should be announced about two months from now before hitting the market towards the end of September.

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