Pics of Alleged iPhone 7 Chassis Show Subtler Antenna Lines

Pics of Alleged iPhone 7 Chassis Show Subtler Antenna Lines

Following a report last month that the iPhone 7 will lose the rear antenna lines of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S series, a new, leaked image – supposedly showing the iPhone 7 chassis – appears to corroborate this rumor, while also hinting at a significantly updated back camera.

The image, shared by and “purportedly from factories Catcher Technology”, is said to depict the – presumably 4.7-inch – iPhone 7 rather than the larger iPhone 7 Plus. The rear antenna lines are indeed absent, the lines instead limited to the top and bottom widths and corners of the chassis.

The camera hole also appears larger than that of the current flagship iPhones, suggesting that Apple could be readying a major upgrade of some kind to the rear shooter. Still, the enlarged hole probably doesn’t indicate the rumored dual-lens camera, as that should be limited to a number of larger iPhone 7 models. further reports that “the eavesdropper who is responsible for this leak says that this case seems slightly thinner than the iPhone 6S, confirming in passing the lack of a headphone jack port.”

This fresh leak, like any other, should naturally be treat with caution; however, does have a long record of accurate leaks about future Apple products.

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