Pinterest reports App Store surge thanks to iOS 14 home screens The app saw 800,000 new installs on September 20

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Pinterest has reported a surge in demand on the App Store as consumers turn to the social network for design inspiration, following the release of iOS 14 and its new home screen.

Last week, Apple launched iOS 14, allowing users to customize their home screens in new ways, including widgets which can be placed anywhere on the screen. As a result, users have been getting creative and coming up with their own unique home screen designs.

Thanks to many home screen designs going viral on Twitter, Pinterest has recorded its best day ever for daily downloads and climbed to the top of the App Store charts in some territories. Data from TechCrunch reveals that the app saw 800,000 new installs on September 20, and between 616,000 and 68,000 installations the following day. The social networking site also broke its daily downloads record, increasing its audience overnight.

Pinterest is taking advantage of the iOS 14 release, adding a new iPhone design trends showcase to its homepage. The idea is that consumers can download the app, find ideas for their own wallpapers and app layouts, and then replicate them using tools like WidgetSmith.

Speaking of the increase in demand to TechCrunch, a spokesperson for Pinterest said: “There has been an increase in searches for iOS 14 wallpapers and home screen design this week by Gen Z users, a demographic group that grew 50% year-over-year in June 2020.

People often use the platform “as a resource for aesthetic inspiration and decorating offline spaces like bedrooms, so it’s interesting to see them seek inspiration for online spaces.”

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