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Pitfall for iOS Receives a Perilous Relic Imbued Update

If you haven’t grabbed Activision’s Pitfall reboot for iOS, then you’re missing out. The veteran developer brought Pitfall Harry into the new age with a very colorful, graphically-enhanced version of the side-scrolling action platformer. This newest “runner” is easily one of the best released in the genre to date, and it provides hours of fun. It’s a constantly evolving, consistently changing, and often addicting, iOS hit that should be loved and enjoyed by all. So if you haven’t had a chance to grab this title from the App Store, be sure to stop whatever you’re doing right now and download it to your iDevice of choice.

For all of you who have the title, though, and have already exhausted every possible aspect of it (aside from endlessly beating your own high scores), you’ll be happy to know that Activision has released a new and exciting update. The “Pitfall Relic Rush” update adds a mass of new content, including twelve brand-new, customized stages for the “Relic Rush” game mode. Developers also added something called “Diamond Relics” to the mode. There are 32 to collect, and they’re hidden throughout each map. These two upgrades add an entirely new game to the already entertaining title, but the update doesn’t stop there.

You’ll now find it easier to track your high score and compare it against your friends through a new integrated Leaderboard. This adds yet another layer to the game, allowing you to literally race against your friends and loved ones in a battle for Pitfall supremacy. And if you truly want to succeed, then you’ll need a little help. The Relic Rush update also adds a new power-up, controls for left-handed individuals, and an easier experience system. Developers have also made it easier to use your Anti-Venom tonics to keep you away from those pesky snakes. There are even better collision detectors, as well as smoother controls, to better balance out each level.

Other additions include things like new patches to unlock and even a new “outfit of the day bonus.” This special add-on gives you a big boost and a helpful hand if you manage to dress Pitfall Harry in the outfit that the “jungle gods demand.” This is easily the most ambitious update that Pitfall! has seen, and Activision pulled out all the stops with this one. It’s actually quite nice to see the developers release such a hefty update, without charging the fans for it. So make sure you grab this update, and if you haven’t jumped on the Pitfall! bandwagon, now is a great time to join!

Photo Credit: Activision

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