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Pixar Hails “Perfect Palm Rejection” of iPad Pro and Pencil

The iPad Pro and Apple Pencil have just received a stamp of approval from a very special source: Pixar! The acclaimed animation studio has tested both the large slate and its stylus-like accessory, before praising the “perfect palm rejection”.

Michael B. Johnson, R&D Pre-Production Architect at the studio behind such cinematic hits as Toy Story and Inside Out, reported Pixar’s recent experiences with these two upcoming Apple products:

Apple’s presentation announcing the iPad Pro made clear the tablet’s benefits for digitally crafting intricate visual art on the huge 12.9-inch display. However, it did not show any hand resting on this screen during artistic endeavors, leaving unclear the standard of the tablet’s palm rejection – in other words, ability to ignore the screen touches of a resting hand’s palm, heel or side.

Johnson’s comment on this aspect of the device should therefore put concerns to rest. In fact, his positive appraisal is great pre-release publicity for the iPad Pro, especially coming from such a prestigious animation studio, ahead of the tablet’s expected release in November.

Evidence abounds that a wide range of creative professionals, including artists, illustrators and designers from various fields, will be able to make excellent use of the iPad Pro. We take a much closer look at the tablet’s merits as a productivity tool in the current issue of AppleMagazine – you can download our app to your iOS device to read it now.

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