Players Give it Their Best Shot with PicSlinger

iPhone App Delivers Fun of Photo Sharing with Social Game

CHICAGO, Feb. 12, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — PicSlinger, an addictive new iPhone application, marries the fun of photo sharing with the challenge of a social game.

The game of words, pictures and creative license engages snap happy fans and word slayers alike.

Players give it their best shot by choosing a word from three choices and snapping a photo to represent that word.

Player A sends the shot to Player B who views the picture and is given blank spaces to guess the word.

Guess the word in the photograph and earn stars, the more you earn the more extras you get.

Exchange stars for fun photo filters, additional words or help guessing a word.

Interpretation is everything and degree of difficulty varies. The harder the picture is to guess, the richer the reward. Feel like a sure-shot? Players can earn Flare through play of special word categories.

Above all, imagination reigns. How does a player photograph ‘cans’? Snap to it and keep them guessing. Pictures are automatically saved to a PicSlinger Gallery page and players are invited to upload their photos to Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare.

PicSlinger is free to download, with an optional 99 cent ad-free version. The app is the first from Chicago-based company Fits & Starts.

About Fits & Starts

Co-Founders Jennifer Boston and Todd Jones are wordsmiths and design gurus by day respectively and avid app developers every other waking moment. The idea for PicSlinger was slung through their mutual addiction to feeding other peoples’ vices of photo-sharing and social gaming.

Next up? PicSlinger Jr., the same fun for the underage set. For more information

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