Pokémon TV App Now Allows Episodes to be Watched on Apple TV

The Pokémon TV app, through which every episode of the acclaimed Pokémon animated series can be enjoyed on iPhone and iPad, has just made the leap to the fourth generation Apple TV.

The app was first released – for Android devices as well – in 2013, but followers of the legendary franchise are bound to appreciate now being able to watch all of those classic episodes on the large screen. IGN reports that, with the new Apple TV app, it’s possible to watch them both online and offline – though users will have to manually mark episodes for offline viewing.

Marked episodes will appear in the My Channel section. This part of the app also allows the user to start playing an episode on one device and then pick up where they left off on other. So, if you already have the Pokémon TV app installed on your iPhone or iPad, you could start watching when out and about, pause the action, and then finish watching that episode on your Apple TV at home.

Pokémon TV can now be freely downloaded for Apple TV from the living room hub’s App Store.

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