Polestar 2 Gets Software Update Introducing New Wave of Apple CarPlay Features

Apple Carplay Polestar

Polestar, the Swedish automotive brand, announced today the release of a software update for all existing Polestar 2 vehicles, enabling new Apple CarPlay functionalities, which include a full-screen display of Apple Maps on the driver’s display.

This marks Polestar as the second automaker to facilitate the display of Apple Maps and navigation details projected via CarPlay onto the driver’s display. BMW pioneered this extended CarPlay feature in its Polestar 2 competitor, the BMW i4, back in 2021.

Several vehicles equipped with Apple CarPlay already support limited turn-by-turn directions sourced from Apple Maps on the driver’s display. However, comprehensive integration of Apple Maps into the instrument cluster remains relatively rare.

The P2.9 over-the-air update further extends the features of Apple CarPlay in Polestar 2, incorporating additional phone and media details from CarPlay into the vehicle’s home screen tile. It supports the management of phone calls via the steering wheel buttons while using Apple CarPlay, and allows calls to be projected onto the driver’s display.

Besides the CarPlay enhancements, the update introduces improvements to Polestar’s Range Assistant app, along with a built-in YouTube app. The enhanced CarPlay experience and the YouTube app will come pre-installed in all newly manufactured cars.

Despite these advancements, Apple CarPlay in Polestar 2 continues to be wired-only, with no provision for wireless CarPlay.

Polestar 2

Additionally, Polestar 2 does not currently support Apple’s EV routing and state of charge integration features, as seen in vehicles like the Ford Mustang Mach E and Porsche Taycan.

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