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A poor turnout for the iPhone 8 in Australia as the iPhone X launch looms

The iPhone 8 is now available for purchase in a number of countries and its no surprise that its launch has been overshadowed by the forthcoming iPhone X, due to be released on November 3. The effects of this have been made clear in Australia.

A report from Reuters stated that the first launch of the iPhone 8 in Sydney, Australia saw a “bleak turnout” with “fewer than 30 people” lining up for the device outside of Apple’s flagship store in the city where usually the turn out is in the hundreds.

Apple Inc’s (AAPL.O) iPhone 8 launch in Sydney, one of the first cities to access the product in Australia, saw a bleak turnout as fans held out for the soon-to-be-released premium iPhone X.

Hundreds of people usually gather at Apple’s Sydney city store with queues winding down the town’s main street, George Street, when there is a new product release. On Friday, there were fewer than 30 people lining up before the store opened, according to a Reuters witness.

Reports from analysts such as KGI Securities have outlined the affects that the iPhone X will have on the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus preorders. It took longer for Apple to release shipping times for the iPhone 8 models on the online store which is probably one of the contributing factors of the device’s poor debut.

If you want to buy an iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus from the website now, you’re likely to have it in your hands within a week but, like many others, you might want to wait for the iPhone X which, we’re sure, will see a spectacular turnout.

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